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I was the science section editor and blogger at the independent newspaper at Boston University. As editor, I edited and fact checked all science articles in my sections (at least 2-3 times a week), assigned topics to writers, and updated the science weekly blog. As science blogger,  I wrote weekly science blog posts of recent studies and medical advancements (while incorporating pop culture), condensed complicated studies for the average reader to understand, and found humorous videos that correlate to the blog topic.

The Science of Sleep

Being a night owl doesn't just disrupt our daily lives, but also our internal clock. An associate professor of neuroscience at John Hopkins University conducted found why we need a normal sleeping schedule to keep up.

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How to get your daily dose of vitamin D

The benefits of vitamin D are debunked by a study published in British Medical Journal. I'll explain why the pill comes short of our expectations.

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Employers rank personality over technical skills

According to a new study from CareerBuilder, employers look at personality more than hard skill. I'll tell you the top 10 traits employers look for.

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Pee in my pool and you'll die (literally)

Most people think it's harmless to pee in the pool, but according to a recent study published in Environmental Science and Technology, the repercussions are more hazardous than we thought.

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