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The Happenings at Wynwood Yard for Art Basel Weekend

From painters to musicians to mixologists and everything in between, Wynwood Yard has made it their mission to highlight the local community. At Saturday's event, local artists and musicians showed off their stuff, including one of Deco's own!

Della Heiman, owner of Wynwood Yard wanted to have a place for creatives to gather and display their content.

"At the Wynwood Yard, we're all about fostering local entrepreneurship and helping local artists and musicians have a home," she said, "so this week, we're showcasing the best of Miami in the local arts and music scene."

Miami artists drew crowds to their pieces, but local entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sector also displayed their craft in the most delicious way.

"I think Wynwood is a very special neighborhood, and we're super honored to be apart of it," Heiman said. "I think what is unique about the Wynwood Yard is a sense of community here that is about a whole network of businesses that are all collaborating together."

The 'We Art Miami: Music' event featured a member from Deco's family, who goes by Neves, and took the stage with solo artist James Nino.

It feels amazing to be able to represent a piece of Miami with my music and everything I bring to the table," Neves said.

Two painters who worked on art pieces during their performance were inspired by their lyrics and created a work of art

"I had a chance to perform and do me while at the same time, in front of me, I have artists putting on a piece of paper what they interpret my music feels to them," Neves said.

And these rappers are trying to bring a positive light to the music scene.

"The message I really wanted to get out, especially about hip-hop music, a lot of it's really negative and derogatory to our own culture and I wanted to not only talk about what's going on in the real world right now within our culture, make it catchy, make it aggressive, but at the same time, make it positive," Neves said. "Hip-hop has that negative connotation, and it's gradually getting worse, and I feel that it's time to change that course of direction."

Other local artists showed off their skills on the canvas.

"We're definitely a melting pot and it all comes together," said artist Tiger Lilly. "We're all these different little amazing concepts that really bring each other to life."

"There's many different art forms, like you have actual murals on containers, but there's mixologists here that know their craft, you have chefs here that know their craft. There's a garden, there's everything really, but everything you indulge in is very fresh and new and exciting," said artist Davel.

So whether you're searching for something pleasing to the eye or something that's good for the belly, at Wynwood Yard, you'll find the creativity within.


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